Could You Handle Adverts in Your Windows 10 Lockscreen?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 will have a new type of lockscreen, called Windows Spotlight, that changes over time, and bases itself on how you use your computer. It's optional, but if you choose to activate it then you will end up with 'hotspots' that delivers helpful tips and suggestions for apps you may want to download.

So basically, Microsoft wants to serve you personalised adverts on your lock screen.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore explained that Spotlight will work by suggesting things in the Windows 10 ecosystem that the user may not have tried yet. He used the example of Cortana, and explained that if someone hasn't been using the digital assistant then Spotlight will deliver Cortana based imagery and tips. Similarly if a tablet user hasn't used a stylus then Spotlight might suggest a number of drawing apps for them to try.

It sounds a bit similar to the Kindle's 'Special Offers' feature from a couple of years ago, where Amazon would send adverts to the device's lockscreen in exchange for a £10 discount.

While Microsoft has been talking about Spotlight as more of a help guide, if it does end up delivering adverts then there's going to have to be some sort of incentive. Maybe a subsidised subscription to one of its services? It's also been very generous with doling out OneDrive storage space, and I could conceivably see an offer where leaving Spotlight activated nets you an extra few GB of free space.

What do you think of this then? Are you happy that Microsoft is introducing a brand new way to deliver adverts? Do you even pay that much attention to the lockscreen anyway? What about if there was some sort of financial incentive for you?