Dyson's New Fan Heater Combo Lands in Time for British Heatwave

By Gerald Lynch on at

Well, this is a fortuitously timed launch if ever we've seen one. Today marks the apparent start of a three month heat wave on the British Isles thanks to a good old "tropical air mass", and what does James Dyson's dust-busting gang push out? A brand new bladeless fan. Someone get that guy a job at the Met Office!

Also doubling up as a heater (though you're probably not going to want to flip that switch for a few months), Dyson's AM09 can send cool or warm air to every corner of a room using the company's "Jet Focus Technology." Taking its cues from the Coanda effect (the way air changes direction as it travels over a surface), air is sent from the AM09 in a jet and accelerated over an airfoil shaped ramp. This narrows the air flow, making sure that the cooled or heated air is directed where you want it, rather than being lost in the expanse of a room. A second jet of air can also be applied, broadening the angle and producing a wider, more powerful stream for heating or cooling larger areas.

And, if that summer heat still can't be beaten and you end up on a May Day rampage, you'll be happy to hear that all Dyson fans are made from Acrylontride butadiene styrene – ABS. That's the same durable stuff police riot shields are made of, so keep one handy in case of intruders, too maybe?

Pick one up direct from Dyson for £399.99. [Dyson]