EasyJet Charged Passengers £10 for Proof That Their Flight Was Cancelled

By Tom Pritchard on at

EasyJet customers who were left stranded due to the French air traffic control strike earlier this month are being hit with a £10 if they want proof that their flight was cancelled.

A number of customers wanted letters confirming the cancellation so that they could claim the cost back from their insurance company. EasyJet were happy to comply, but informed customers that there would be a £10 'administration fee'.

The airline claims that the fee was applied because the airline had to research and write each letter individually, and that the fee could easily be claimed back from insurers. The Association of European Airlines, on the other hand, said no other airline has charged passengers for a confirmation letter, and EasyJet customers shouldn't have to pay for one.

Are EasyJet justified in their charge? Is it really that time consuming to set up a mail merge? [Daily Mail via London Evening Standard]

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