EE Wi-Fi Calling Disables Apple Continuity on iPhones

By Matt Hill on at

Yesterday we broke the news that Apple had beaten Samsung and Microsoft to the punch with the iOS 8.3 update bringing EE's Wi-Fi Calling service to iPhones last night, two days ahead of when it hits Galaxies S6 and S6 Edge.

However, after we found it knocked out iOS 8's rather handy Continuity feature of being able to answer calls on other non-cellular Apple devices (see image above), EE has today confirmed that this is not an error. Because of the way Apple has configured the service, turning on Wi-Fi calls does indeed disable Continuity. So there you go - emergencies only it is.

The Giz UK community has been full of queries about the service and the various compatibility issues and we're investigating them all. Stay tuned for more info.