Election Rules Explained For All You Disinterested Youth Voters

By Gary Cutlack on at

We're in a national purdah, don't you know? That's the awkward period in the run up to an election, where local governments are restricted from introducing radical proposals, lest the political landscape change in a few months and everything has to be undone. So no Ukip candidates can sneakily declare war on Bulgaria while everyone's attention is focused on the kitchen fittings of potential national leaders, for example.

This fact comes from popular YouTube man Tom Scott, a chap with a known history of explaining complicated boring things in a way that we can understand and that even old ladies can enjoy because of his nice hair and sensible jumpers.

Tom's latest video is called 7 Illegal Things To Do In A British Election, and it's embeddable and he does the underlining his expressions thing with his hands that Tony Blair introduced, so here it is:

Tom explains the rules on how much candidates are allowed to spend on canvassing and running their constituency offices between now and election day, tells everyone in layman's terms how the laws on advertising work and points out how rules limiting advertising spend are now being bent by cleverly geo-targeted social media campaigns. [YouTube]