Even the Fake Apple Watches are Out of Stock

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple Watch clones are already doing great business in the tech epicentres of China, where lookalike devices costing factions of the amount of money of the real thing are just as sold out as the Apple original.

A reporter for Reuters had a walk around a shopping centres in Shenzhen, with one shopkeeper speaking about the demand for one of the most popular Apple Watch clones, saying: "It came on sale in mid-March and has been constantly out of stock. On average we sell around 40 a day. Some customers just came and bought five or more at a time."

And yes, they do run a version of Android. One particular model trumps the Apple Watch -- and many other Android Wear devices -- by including a SIM card slot and the ability to make calls and go online through a browser, alongside a camera. It may possibly be a little bit bulky.

And costing just $58 (£40) you obviously won't feel like such an important member of the Expensive Brand Name Appreciation Society as you would if you'd paid eight times as much for an original, but still. You can have all the possible fun of seeing notifications on your wrist on the cheap. A bit like a really affordable trial. [Reuters]