First Netflix Threatens to Go After UK VPN Users, Now HBO is Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've all seen the recent headlines about the possibility that Netflix might start cracking down on people using a VPN to access content in the US catalogue. While a lot of people are sure Netflix won't actually make good on that particular threat, it turns out HBO is a totally different story.

Apparently the cable company is not happy about people outside the US using a VPN to access content available on its HBO Now streaming service. Unlike Netflix who seems to be willing to let people be, Torrent Freak is reporting that HBO is seriously considering taking immediate action against foreign users and has apparently started sending out emails to suspected 'geo-pirates'.

Basically, if HBO suspects you're using a VPN it may suspend your account and cancel your subscription. This is despite the fact that anyone using HBO Now has to pay a $15/£10 subscription.

Do you want people to pirate? Because this is how you get pirates. Though that might not be such a good idea given recent events. [Torrent Freak via BGR]