Formula One Technology is Heading to... Tanks?

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you think about it, Formula One is the only sport that really relies on adapting new and innovative technology to survive, and it makes sense that some of its advances would end up being used elsewhere. Normally you'd think about regular road cars, but it turns out that BAE Systems is adapting Forumla 1 tech for military tanks.

It sounds bizarre, and since this has never happened before it sort of is, but the tanks will be upgraded with tech that will improve handling and speed in the battlefield. In that context it does make quite a bit of sense.

'Active Dampening' systems have been used in Formula One since 1991, and BAE has adapted the systems to current variants of the CV90 family of combat vehicles. It works by sensing the vehicle's speed and the layout of the terrain ahead, before adjusting the pressure in the suspension to ensure that the vehicle stays level at all times.

According to BAE Systems this has allowed CV90 vehicles to break rough terrain speed records, travel 30-40 per cent faster, as well as reducing general wear and tear. In the long run that means a smoother ride for the crew and reduction of repair costs across the tank's life-span.

Image: Kecko/Flickr