Four Days in and EE's Already Run Out of Portable Chargers

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember how EE announced that it was going to give away portable 'Power Bars' to its customers? They've only been available for four days, and apparently the network has already run out.

Over a million EE customers signed up to receive one of the 2,600 mAh mini chargers, and EE stores across the country saw a 300 per cent increase in visitors. It's almost as if people like being given free stuff.

Now that they're all gone, what's happening now? The good news is that if you sent in your text and received a redemption code your power pack is waiting for you to collect it. It also won't affect your ability to swap an empty pack for one with a full charge.

Everyone else is going to have to wait for EE to complete a 'Power Pause' and replenish its stock. The network estimates that they should be available again on 24th June. [EE Community via Engadget]