Game of Thrones Was Pirated Seven Million Times in the Last Three Months

By Annalee Newitz on at

Citing a study from anti-piracy service Irdeto, Hollywood Reporter claims that episodes of Game of Thrones were illegally downloaded seven million times in a three-month period this year. Pirates love dragons, obviously.

Those numbers are up from last year, when the show was downloaded eight million times in twelve months, according to Torrent Freak. In the same report from Irdeto, the company said that Game of Thrones came out far ahead of its popularly pirated rivals, which were “The Walking Dead (5.7 million downloads), Breaking Bad (3.8 million), Vikings (3.4 million) and House of Cards (2.7 million).”

It makes sense that these shows are the most pirated: all of them require at least basic TV packages or a Netflix subscription. Plus, we all know that pirates love to watch zombies, sword fights and sociopathic politicians.