Garmin's New All-In-One Dashcam-Navigator Helps You Stay on the Road

By Chris Mills on at

The days of standalone car GPS units have been numbered ever since Google Maps started turn-by-turn directions, but Garmin is still keeping them relevant by packing in smarts. The latest nuviCam LMTHD not only features a dashcam, but it can use that same lens to prevent you from crashing.

Integrating a dashcam into a standalone GPS unit is a move that makes a lot of sense, which is why Garmin isn’t the first; that crown goes to Magellan. The smart thing is using that same camera to watch the road, and provide real-time alerts to the driver if he strays from his lane, or gets too close to the car in front.

Lane departure and crash alerts are obviously not themselves new features: Mitsubishi was offering the feature way back in 1992. But normally, it involves speccing out some hideously expensive technology package, normally tied in with some hideous Bluetooth radio. With Garmin’s offering, although accuracy is maybe not guaranteed, you can add it onto anything with a windscreen.

Pre-orders for the nuviCam LMTHD are open in the US for $400, with delivery slated for June; UK pricing and release date is TBA. [Garmin]