General Election 2015: Hailo is Offering Voters Free Trips to the Polling Stations

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's no secret that voter turnout in this country could be better, and with the General Election taking place next week, London taxi app Hailo is taking it upon itself to boost turnout. How? It's offering to take people straight to the ballot box free of charge.

It sounds like a great deal but, as ever with this sort of thing, there are some string attached. For starters the offer is only valid between 7pm and 8pm on 7th May, if the meter goes over £15 you have to pay for the trip, and you have to book your cab in advance. Plus you obviously have to be in London to take advantage of the offer.

Gary Brammal, Hailo's Chief Marketing Officer, said that the company wants to make sure people who can't get to the polling station still have an opportunity to vote. He said:

"In the 2010 election 9 per cent said they didn’t vote because they couldn’t get to a polling station. Time is a scarce commodity for city dwellers so this is our way of ensuring people get to the polls to have their say."

It certainly sounds like a great idea, and if it means people get the chance to vote when they otherwise wouldn't then I'm all for it. It's a shame Hailo's offer is only open for an hour, but business is business I suppose. [London Evening Standard]