Glass-Nibbed Eco-Pen Writes With Wine, Tea, Coffee, Blood etc

By Gary Cutlack on at

A designer looking into the sustainability of modern printer inks has decided that what we really need is a pen that can write on things in wine or tea or the tears of your enemy -- and created a pen that can be loaded with any staining liquid to use as your own, personal ink.

The WINKpen is based around a slightly flawed philosophy, though -- the idea that we use pens until they run out of ink. The developer explains: "The WINKpen was born from the desire to create a sustainable alternative to something that many of us use in our daily lives. Traditional pens are, more often than not, disposable products; once the pre-loaded ink stem is exhausted, they essentially just become empty plastic cases that inevitably wind up in a land-fill somewhere. With with the WINKpen, however, an ink reload can be found right there in your kitchen."

The reality is that we use pens until we lose them, break them, melt them, chew them apart, stab someone with one who then runs away and refuses to give it back, or someone steals it from us because it's nice and they've lost/broken/chewn all of theirs. And these are $60 (£39), which is quite extreme for a device that hasn't even got a screen or notifications system. [Kickstarter via Core77]