Good and Bad Star Wars Films Now Yours, Digitally

By Gary Cutlack on at

The gears of the world are turning to ensure that maximum publicity is gained for the year-end arrival of the new Star Wars film, hence the original trilogy -- and those three other rubbish films -- now appearing on digital formats for the first time. If you don't count Bittorrent.

Google is currently advertising the sale of the Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection, which is an HD bundle of all six of the films, including loads of extras. The official launch date for the six-ology is April 10th, when it lands on multiple digital stores.

The one problem might be the price. Google's UK Play shop currently has the virtual box set up for pre-order with the staggering price of £59 attached to it. If that's too much, all of the films are available for £9.99 individually. Still quite a mad price for the space panto series, but bearable, probably, if you are a man who has to have all of the things that say Star Wars on them.

If you want to waste your time shopping around, the official Star Wars site has a list of all the digital storefronts you'll be able to buy it from, with the bundle appearing on Xbox, Vudu, Amazon, Disney, Nook and more. [Star Wars]