Google Glass 2.0 May Be a Designer Set of Eyewear

By Darren Orf on at

Google Glass gets Italian chic, transparent clay is all the military rage, and a weight-loss pill might actually be real. Your BitStream news cheat-sheet awaits. 


Is Google abandoning Glass? Some people have been wondering, since it’s been announced an Italian eyewear company — Luxottica, known for luxury products — will make the new, fashionable version of the high-tech eyewear. Still, execs insist that’s not the case. [Wall Street Journal]

A cross-promotions ad company thinks they’ve unearthed details of the first Windows 10 Lumia phone. Allegedly, the device sports a 5.7-inch, 1080p display, and is Windows 10-only. So sayeth the rumour mill. [PCWorld]

Apps and Devices

Transparent clay is the material that armour is made out of these days, apparently. The US Naval Research Lab came up with a way to make lightweight, bulletproof, see-through clay from a synthetic powder that allows infrared cameras to see through it. It could potentially protect everything from combat vehicles to smartphones. [Popular Science]

Twitter’s rolled out a new feature called Highlights, which, well, highlights content Tweeters might be interested in based on their activity and networks. [CNET]

The ASUS VivoWatch runs its own operating system and rocks a 10-day battery. But unlike other wearables, it won’t be sold at electronics stores, but instead at watch shops. [SlashGear]

An Israeli start-up has created and patented an electronic pill that supposedly staves off hunger to fight obesity. It hangs out in your stomach for three weeks before disintegrating. [AFP via CTA News]

Has your Facebook feed been overrun by friends’ Sim-like 3D avatars? They come courtesy of a Chinese iPhone app that takes a screenshot of your face and produces pole-dancing animated humanoids straight from the Uncanny Valley. [The Verge]

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