Google May Kill Off the Space Bar SoGetUsedToIt,OK?

By Darren Orf on at

Ouya hits some financial trouble, Tesla teases its upcoming announcement, and Google wants to nix your space bar. You Bitstream tech-news round-up is here.

Technology is always on a quest to be smaller, thinner, and lighter. Apple’s new Macbook is the latest example (taken maybe a bit too far), but it’s Google that is looking to slim down your laptop’s profile—by eliminating the space bar.

Google May Kill Off the Space Bar, andOtherTechNewsYouMayHaveMissed

No, Google won’t be using predictive typing or any such trick to slim down your next laptop. Instead, the patent awarded to Google yesterday shows the space bar basically being consumed by the trackpad. A click on the upper region of the trackpad means a space bar click and the lower region acts like any other trackpad. What’s the point? Well this has the possibility of shaving a few inches off your computer and adding to that endless march into the future—where everything is tiny apparently. [Quartz]

Apps and Devices

Ouya, the little Android console that couldn’t, is now looking for a buyer — for both its wayward consoles and the company. [Forbes]

Talk about digging your own grave. Twitter stocks plummet after the company’s earnings leak — on Twitter of all places. [Wired]

LG Watch Urbane is now available in the Google Play store for £259 — same price as the Apple Watch. Where do your OS loyalties lie? [Android Authority]

One million people downloaded Periscope in just 10 days — and it was only available for iOS. Pretty. Impressive. [The Verge]


Tesla’s teasing its April 30th announcement with the bottom image. It looks like Or something.

Google May Kill Off the Space Bar, andOtherTechNewsYouMayHaveMissed

Great. Now we have to worry about robots stealing our cars. [Avert Project]

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