Google's 'Digital News Initiative' Will Help Make Online News Better

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Google isn’t too popular in the EU right now, but it’s hoping that a new scheme may help smooth things a little. Its new Digital News Initiative will see it invest €150m (£107m) to help European publishers — including the FT and Guardian — to establish “more sustainable models for news”.

The Guardian reports that the investment will see Google establish a working group with eight major EU publishers – including Les Echos in France, NRC Media in the Netherlands, El Pais in Spain, La Stampa in Italy, and Die Zeit in Germany, as well as the FT and Guardian – to provide training and research around digital journalism.

It’s claimed that it will help “increase revenue, traffic and audience engagement,” by encouraging “products focusing on ads, video, apps, data and paid-for journalism.” Whether it will improve the EU’s view of Google is unclear, but for the news-reading public, it may at least be a good thing. [Guardian]

Image by AP