GTA 5's Director Mode Sounds Incredible

By Kotaku UK on at

By Ian Dransfield

GTA 5 will have a movie-making component, just like GTA 4. But this time around it will be far more feature-rich and, as it sounds, better.

PC Gamer has had a natter with Rockstar about the video-editing functionality in GTA 5 on PC, and it actually sounds brilliant,  taking some cues from Valve's Source Filmmaker.

Aside from more straightforward changes, like the ability to start and stop capturing footage as and when you like, the video editor also features 'Director Mode', allowing you to change the time of day or enable cheats to help your creations reach their potential.

But there's something even better, as John Macpherson, lead designer at Rockstar Toronto, explains: "[Director Mode] gives users the ability to play and record using any actor from GTA 5 such as story and heist crew characters, members of the ambient population and even animals."

But it's not just moving animals around: you can make them talk and perform actions, meaning they can be fully fleshed out characters in your creations. Suddenly I want to make Bambi in GTA 5.

There are features supporting more robust editing of your clips, like adding and trimming radio tracks, scored music, filters and other blending/depth of field etc lens effects.

This definitely isn't just a throwaway feature. Rockstar has noticed how much longevity can be added to a game just by letting users dick about.

Actually, I'm going to do Bambi 2: Bambier, where he goes out and gets revenge on the world of humans who forsook him.

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