How Many Apps Have You Downloaded in the History of Your Smartphones?

By Matt Hill on at

Through a series of events that included an old iPhone giving up the ghost and a random conversation on Twitter, I just found out that I've downloaded 740 apps on iTunes alone. I didn't dare look at Google Play.

Now, I know I'm not exactly a test case, as at one time I had to edit a magazine's app section, so I had to consume them. But it still got me thinking about the speed with which these little digital helpers come and go, from our devices and our hearts, and which ones lodge in our lives for the long term. How many do I use regularly? 10 or 15 maybe, 20 tops. So what happened to all the others?

Because I had an iPhone before I started using Android, a waltz through the early entries on my iOS app list is positively nostalgic: FileMagnet, that wonderful workaround for viewing PDFs on an iPhone back when you couldn't; iPint, that tired-very-quickly gyroscope show-off;, a music site I once obsessed over but haven't used in years. But my first ever app? Super Monkey Ball. Interesting as Nintendo now moves into smartphone games that my first iOS purchase was a GameCube flashback.

So have a burrow in your app account histories, whatever your format of choice, and let us know how many you've exhausted since the smartphone age began, what was the first, and which long-forgotten app stars deserve a shout-out for their historical services to phones...

Top Image Credit: Hand holding phone (modified) at Shutterstock