How to Live Stream the LG G4 Launch Event

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tonight is the night LG fans have all been waiting for, it's the night that the G4 smartphone is going to be officially revealed to the world for the first time. Yes we've all seen the leaks and the rumours, but it's not quite the same as hearing everything from LG itself.

The event is set to kick off at 4pm (UK time) this afternoon, and if you want to find out what LG has in store as it happens then you'll be wanting to live stream the whole event. You can do that by clicking here and making sure you're at your computer come 4pm.

Or, if live streams aren't really your style, you can always just head down to the Giz UK homepage. We'll be updating throughout the event to make sure you all know everything you need to know about the G4.

Until that time you can get yourself pumped up with this short teaser video from LG: