How to Switch Off Twitter's 'Direct Messages from Anyone' Feature

By Tom Pritchard on at

Twitter has rolled out a new feature that lets random people you don't follow send you direct messages (DM). This new DM feature, announced yesterday, has the potential to cause an awful lot of problems for users, from receiving bucket-loads of spam from complete strangers, to accidentally blocking all of your friend's messages.

You don't want the headache of that happening. Here's how to shore up your micro-blogging account:

  1. Log into your Twitter account from a web browser
  2. Go to into the Setting menu, then click 'Security and Privacy'
  3. Scroll right down to the bottom until you see this
  4. Make sure the box is not ticked, then hit the save button
Apparently it's an opt-in feature, but you might want to double check that you aren't signed up for it, just to be sure – lest you get a bunch of spam tweets from people you've never met.