I Built My First Computer in Four Hours, Watch it in Three Minutes

By Maddie Stone on at

Last week, I helped Chris Davidson of Game Chops build a new PC. Neither of us had built a computer before, so we streamed the process on Twitch TV to elicit the collective wisdom of the internet. Because, who needs manuals? (In retrospect, instructions might have helped speed things along a bit.)

I Built My First Computer In Four Hours, Watch It In Three Minutes

But! As you might imagine, the internet turned out to be helpful in many ways that an instruction manual wouldn’t have been. For instance, when we eventually booted the beast up, the processor’s fan failed to start because one of the blades was caught on some stray wires. As unsuspecting noobs, we didn’t notice the problem immediately, but thankfully, we had a chatroom full of panicked, experienced builders shouting at us to turn-it-off-for-the-love-of-God as loudly as text will permit.

A few specs: It’s got an Intel i7 4 Ghz processor, 32GB of RAM, a Geforce GTX 960 Graphics Card, a 500GB SSD, and two 1TB HDDs. Here’s a video of the four hour build, sped up 7,000-fold and rendered at 60 frames per second. Because nobody wants to sit through the many, truly agonising minutes of us struggling to match wires to the motherboard.

Disclaimer: All wires were zip-tied into submission several days later.