If You Downloaded Leaked Game of Thrones Episodes, HBO is Going to Hunt You Down

By Tom Pritchard on at

Season 5 of Game of Thrones may have had its global première a week ago, but you might remember that the first four episodes leaked onto various torrent sites. Did you download them? If you did, you may be getting a digital slap on the wrist from HBO.

IP-Echelon, HBO's anti-piracy partner, has been contacting internet providers and asking that they take "appropriate action" against the pirates. According to the Huffington Post the company claims that this is "standard operating procedure" for dealing with pirates.

Apparently no legal action will be taken against pirates, because IP-Echelon doesn't actually have any names, so people are receiving an email telling them they've been caught pirating and that's it. Basically, it's a digital version of telling a child they've been very naughty and leaving it at that.

There may not be any major consequences right now, but pirates be warned. It looks like HBO is finally getting a little bit tired of putting up with people pirating its programmes. [Reddit via Huffington Post]