If Your Name is Arya or Theon You Can Get A Free Phone at Three

By Gary Cutlack on at

If your name is Arya or Theon you've probably not had the greatest of lives thus far. Children can be so cruel. Things are looking up, though, thanks to mobile network Three -- which is giving away phones and free calling credit to people who can prove Arya or Theon is their real name as some sort of weird Game of Thrones publicity stunt.

In order to win, possible Aryas and Theons must head down to a participating Three phone shop, then provide proof of their identity. Only physical branches in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow are taking place in the odd promotion, with Three's Jolene Sicklemore explaining: "Game of Thrones is one of the world’s most talked about TV shows, and with Season 5 just around the corner, we wanted to give fans another reason to smile. We look forward to welcoming some famous names through our doors at Three from the 11th April."

There are two PAYG phones on offer, either the LG G3 or Sony Z3 Compact, with the terms and conditions of the stunt explaining: "Participants must have a valid ID, be over 18 and state they've 'Played the Game of Phones' once inside the store to activate the offer."