Ikea Adds Cheap Webcam Weddings to Product Listings

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ikea is suggesting that having the bride and groom gather around a webcam is an ideal way to manage a wedding online, with a variety of backdrops letting couples get married in the location of their dreams -- but for pretend and really cheap and with Twitter open in another tab so the event is not too boring.

The Bröllop online web site is all in whatever language they speak in Ikealand, so it's hard to know what's really going on there. Hopefully it's not a delayed April Fool joke, as it sounds like an amazing way to get married to the person you met on the internet, through the internet, without even having to look up from the internet.

Here's hoping you then enjoy many happy years of sitting next to each other, looking at the internet in blissful wedded silence. Here's the bizarre video for Ikea's Wedding Online service:

It must be a joke. Is April Fools' day on the 8th of April in Sweden? Perhaps marriage is a joke thing in Sweden? They hand out divorces for free on the Swedish NHS so it's OK to mess up a few weddings before doing your real one? So many questions. [Bröllop online via The Verge]