Ikea Hiding Chargers in Plain Sight in Wireless Charging Lamps and Tables

By Gary Cutlack on at

Look at that lamp. Ikea is calling it VARV. VARV is more exciting than your usual Ikea bit of furniture, because it also contains a wireless charger in the base, meaning you can power up any device that's Qi compatible by putting it on the lamp's bottom.

There's also a wireless charging table, a wireless charging bedside unit thing and more as part of the range, with Ikea saying: "We wanted to make charging a natural part of your home, so we chose side tables and lamps and turned them into wireless chargers. So now you can have a mobile charger that also helps you read the Sunday crossword."

And if you've got an old Android model or an iPhone that doesn't come with wireless charging out of the box, there's a Nordic-named product to take care of that too, with Ikea also planning to sell a range of plug-in cases and adaptors that add wireless charging to devices including the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and S4 and other models.

If bespoke charging furniture is a bit much, there's a few wooden slab-like things that sit atop existing surfaces on offer too. All should hit your local 50-hectare Ikea indoor retail park some time this month. [Ikea via Mashable]