Ikea's 'Kitchen of the Future' Predicts What Tech We'll be Cooking With in a Decade

By Tom Pritchard on at

Smart home devices are still in their infancy right now, but for better or worse our regular household appliances are getting smarter at a startling rate. But where is this trend going to leave us a decade from now? Ikea's Concept Kitchen 2025 has a few interesting ideas.

As you might imagine it's chock full of tech designed to help save you time and resources as you potter around the kitchen. That includes a fridge that has inductive cooling, drone delivery systems, and a waste disposal that automatically sorts all your recyclables for you – that last one can't come quickly enough.

The most impressive piece, however, would be the 'Table for Living', a smart counter that uses a camera/projector combo to turn itself into an interactive display. That means it'll be able to detect what you took out of the cupboard and can suggest a number of different relevant recipes for you to try. There's also an induction hob hidden away inside the counter, meaning you can prepare everything without having to run between counters all the time.

Obviously you can't go out and buy this for yourself, but it is an interesting look at how hi-tech our kitchen might be in ten years' time. [Concept Kitchen 2025 via Engadget]