Intellivision and Colecovision Return for Retro Enthusiasm

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who are really old and remember games from the old monochrome times might enjoy two new hardware releases that have just landed, with the antiquated Intellivision and Colecovision brands coming back as niche plug-in standalone units.

The two old consoles have been revitalised in modern plug-and-play hardware variants, coming with two authentic controllers and literally zero online multiplayer options. If you want to play someone else, you'll have to ask them to come over, just like in the olden days. You could put on The Smiths while you play.

£50 gets you an Intellivision Flashback along with 60 preloaded games through retailer Funstock, which is also selling the remade Colecovision unit for the same amount of money with another 60 built in games to play. There's a large number of "™" icons used throughout the game listing, so it looks like these are officially supported releases and not just some chancers assembling a bunch of ROMs off the internet.

Modern gamers will be disappointed by the lack of dimensions and believable Premier League footballer likenesses and stadia in the games on offer, though, with the consoles home to such basic first generation proto-games as Astrosmash, Space Panic and Venture. [Funstock]