iPhone Weather App Baffles Australians With Snow Forecast for Sydney

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something's gone a bit wrong with Apple's weather forecasting matrices, with the iOS Weather app telling Sydney residents to brace themselves for snow and sleet -- despite the fact no snow has been recorded in the city for well over 100 years.

There is something of storm hitting the city at the moment, mind, with strong winds and rain likely to be seen. The problem with the "Mixed Snow and Sleet" forecast is that it's warm, the autumn, and no living people can remember it ever snowing down there. You have to go back to 1934 to find news of snow falling on the city, with the Sydney Morning Herald digging up an ancient report claiming that one whole inch of snow had fallen nearly one hundred years earlier, way back on the night of June 27, 1836.

The iOS Weather app gets its data from the assorted global feeds of The Weather Channel, so it's likely the fault can be passed on down the line to someone else outside of the faultless tech company. The problem has been fixed already, in fact, with the app now reporting the usual Aussie weather of "Sky Thick With Enormous Insects and Barbecue Fumes." [Mashable]

Image credit: Twitter