Johnnie Walker Adds Music to Booze With Bone Conduction Audio Accompaniament

By Gary Cutlack on at

Whisky specialist Johnnie Walker has hit upon a weird way to encourage the guzzling of high proof alcohols -- drinking them alongside an audio tool that uses bone conduction technology to turn the glass into a personal speaker.

The company says the bone conduction concept lets users hear sounds that, somehow, complement the drinking process, and it's compiled a collection of bespoke audio that'll be streamed, via the teeth and jawbone, directly to the hearing bits of the human head to prove this.

The system is a two bit thing. Bit one is a radio transmitter that sits on the bar, which a marketing person then activates and instructs to send a signal to bit two -- the separate hardware attached to the bottom of the glass. A physical exciter then converts this into audio which, if the user isn't already on his eighth or ninth serving, will be experienced with each touch of the glass.

It is, of course, only a bit of a marketing stunt for the benefit of heavily ironic people in London. Those in the vicinity of Southwark bar Call Me Mr Lucky can have a shot at using the magical hearing glass for one month, starting from April 10th. [The Grocer]