Kanye West Jumped Into a Lake and Fell Over

By Gary Cutlack on at

An open air Kanye West concert in Armenia ended in the sort of baffling confusion that has become the man's trademark of late, after he launched himself into a lake and caused the concert to be abandoned shortly after he'd started.

Fans took West's leap of faith into the water as a cue to join in themselves, with a crowd of phone-waving music enthusiasts quickly leaping in and mobbing the star in the middle of the lake. It was obviously unplanned, as the impromptu baptism of West fans by their leader resulted in the performance being abandoned.

Here's the baffling moment in full. Kanye does his lake jump shortly after the 1:03 mark, after making his fans wait around for about an hour to see him come out.

He probably didn't envision himself stumbling about and falling over and making such a mess of it in his head beforehand. Forensic analysis of a close-up Vine video of the incident appears to show that West was positioning his feet to land on the surface of the water, as if he was expecting it to only be a couple of inches deep -- or was anticipating walking on the lake in a modern-day miracle. [YouTube via Mashable]