Karl Lagerfeld's Custom Apple Watch is a Great Match for...His Zip Up Glove?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's been on the PR offensive for the launch of its Apple Watch, putting it on the wrists of Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and all manner of other "KEY INFLUENCERS". As a fashion piece, it's also courted some of the catwalk world's finest too. Being added to the list of "People Who Can Definitely Afford To Buy An Apple Watch But Are Being Given One For Free Anyway" is Karl Lagerfeld.

In an image shown off on Instagram by his assistant Sebastian Jondeau, Lagerfeld appears to have bagged himself a yellow gold Apple Watch, paired with a unique "specially made" yellow gold Link Bracelet, too. Nothing but the garish best for the head of Chanel, Fendi, it seems. With the standard Gold Edition version with premium Modern Buckle pushing the price up to £13,500, it's incredible difficult to put a price on Lagerfeld's one-of-a-kind timepiece.

But wait, forget the watch; what's that glove all about? Karl rocking the BDSM Jacko look there, plenty of ventilation for his digits, and adjustable sizing if his mitts get any porkier. It just works. No word yet on whether that zip-up finger coverer is heading to an Apple Store accessory section near you yet. We can only hope. [MacRumors]