Labour Election Win Will Tank the Economy, Says... Video Game

By Gary Cutlack on at

You know how EA always simulates a World Cup in FIFA [year number] before the tournament, to project which round England will crash out of in underwhelming shame? Someone's done that with the election now, feeding an approximation of Labour's policies into world-running economics simulator Democracy 3.

The results aren't pretty, but there are some rather large caveats, most obvious of all being it's just pretend -- and there's an explanation of the potential problems with the idea that's almost as long as the piece itself, lest the site be accused of apocalyptic levels of political bias.

Plus the post-2015 election Labour government also falls victim to a massive global economic crunch quite soon after coming to power, which doesn't help matters and skews things further against it. Still, the gist of it all is that the policies are hindered by the massive amount of ring-fencing going on, meaning the video game version of the future government is unable to cut spending in many departments as the world slumps.

Military cuts raise ill feeling, welfare and pensions are chopped, while ministers quit over high taxation of their business chums. It's a bit of a mess but, eventually, thanks to an upturn in the global economy, it all turns out OK, and the next election is a positive-thinking landslide for the incumbent government. [New Statesman]