Manic Miner Was Labour Leader Ed Miliband's Favourite Game

By Gerald Lynch on at

Politics! Voting! Awkward Men and Women Pretending Not to be Awkward Whilst Pretending to be "Men and Women of the People"!

Ahead of tonight's party leader debate in the run up to the general election, Labour leader Ed Miliband has gone on the PR offensive. And, seemingly chasing the yoof vote, he's getting down with the kids and talking games and tech during an interview with Absolute Radio.

The revelations come thick and fast. Ever wondered what Red Ed's favourite game is? BOOM: 1983's Manic Miner. His opinion of his geeky public persona? BOOM: "Proud". His smartphone of choice? BOOM: BlackBerry.

Wait. Hang on. You're a "proud" geek, and yet you're rocking a BlackBerry?

"The good thing about Blackberry [...] is the more limited functionality," said Ed, as the UK's bourgeoning tech industry collectively throws all iOS and Android plans out the window.

BUT WAIT! Ed (from now on known as Ed 'The Tech Troll' Milliband) is only on a BlackBerry as he was obsessed with his iPhone apps, and needed a BlackBerry to slow his smartphone addiction and get on with the bigger business of getting his foot in the door at Number 10. Phew! 

Catch the whole interview below. His comments about Manic Miner are actually quite endearing. If a carefully executed PR assault can ever be considered "endearing", that is. [Absolute Radio (YouTube)]

Cheers for the tip, Tim!