Leaked Barge Video Reminds SpaceX How Nearly Perfect The Landing Was

By Chris Mills on at

By now, you’ve probably heard that SpaceX’s third attempt at landing a rocket on a drone barge met the same watery fate as numbers one and two. And, you’ve probably seen the long-distance video of the landing attempt. But to rub just a little more salt in Elon Musk’s wound, here’s the leaked video shot from the barge itself.

Thanks to the deck-level camera, we can see exactly what happened in the seconds after the rocket touched the deck; basically, it teetered over, hung tantalisingly in space for a moment, then hit the deck with an explosion that would make Hollywood proud.

As long as SpaceX can solve the “excess lateral velocity” problem you can see above, the stage should be set for a more successful round four — meaning cheaper space flight for all. [YouTube via Reddit]