LG G4 Gets Official: Leather Backed Flagship Touts Quad HD Screen

By Gerald Lynch on at

LG's most leaked flagship yet? Going into today's event it already felt as though we knew the G4 intimately, so often had it been caught in the wild. Now that it's officially with us, there are few surprises left to share; LG has delivered a smartphone with a solid spec sheet, and a "premium" genuine leather casing that's sure to be divisive.

"The LG G4 started off with a small but very meaningful goal," said LG European president Brian Na. "The LG G4 must use technology to deliver 'innovation for a better life'.

"It should be for user convenience, and accentuate the lifestyle of the user."


Two different rear finishes will be on offer: a stitched double-leather-stacked premium edition (with vegetable tanning, potato fans), and a version with an embossed diamond pattern. Each has a slight "Slim Arc" curve to the body – nowhere near as pronounced as that of the G Flex 2, but enough to separate it from the phone-slab pack. LG claims this gives it better durability against face-down drops; a 20 per cent better survival rate.

The LG G4 uses a Quad HD "Quantum IPS" display, which LG claims offers 20 per cent colour reproduction, 25 per cent brightness and 50 per contrast improvements against its undisclosed "competitors". That gives the handset's 5.5-inch screen a 2560 x 1440 resolution.


Around the back, LG has popped a 16MP OIS camera, up from the 13MP snapper in the G3. With an F/1.8 aperture lens, it again uses the laser-guided focussing system first found in the G3, now tuned for better low-light performance with a 40 per cent larger image sensor than that of the G3. Selfie snappers will be able to trigger the 8MP front-facing camera with gestures (making a fist, then opening your hand up again in front of the sensor) too. A double click of LG's now-customary rear button will also trigger the main camera, firing it up from a sleep state in 0.6 seconds.

In a world-first, LG has equipped the phone with a Colour Spectrum Sensor, used to adjust the white balance and colour temperature of your snaps on the fly. Shutter speed controls let you take light-painting shots, and there's also the option to capture RAW files too.

The LG G4 also supports 4K recording, taking full advantage of the handset's Quad HD display. A video of a drone carrying an LG G4 to capture a 4K clip showed off impressively smooth motion, putting that optical image stabiliser to work. LG claims that more image stabilisation control than any other smartphone camera sits within the G4, adding a Z axis to the G3's Y and Z stabilisation, and combating shake at 2-degrees in each direction.


Under the hood sits a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, backed by 3GB of RAM. A 3,000mAh removable battery is squeezed in, without making the handset too chubby. 32GB of storage space is packed in, with microSD support for further expansion.

LG UX 4.0 is LG's skinned overlay for Android 5.1. It looks relatively inoffensive. The Gallery Memories feature organises photos based on the time and location they were taken. These can then be sorted by day, month or year, scrolling through snappily even if you've got a tonne of pictures saved on your handset. The Smart Notice quick-peek notification menu from the G3 returns, pulling down from the top of screen. Google apps, including Docs, Sheets and Slides, come pre-installed. All G4 owners get 100GB of Google Drive storage for free for two years, on top of the standard 15GB allowance.

Finally, a pair of LG's "QuadBeat 3" headphones, come in the box.


No word yet on release dates or pricing, but we'll keep you posted. We're going hands-on shortly, so keep your eyes fixed on Giz for more soon.