LG Gets Ready to Unleash the G4

By Darren Orf on at

Bezos’ rockets are ready for space, Skype Translator get a more talented tongue, and Lg's new flagships is announced. Your BitStream awaits.

Samsung and HTC have already revealed what they think “flagship smartphone” means for 2015, and now LG will try its hand at a little one-upmanship. LG officially announced yesterday that the G4 will be the main talking point for its upcoming press conference (invitation above) and has wasted no time teasing what hardware and software we can expect. A short video claims the G4 will have an f/1.8 aperture, which could make it pretty capable in low-light; that being the common Achilles heel for many great smartphones. They even have a video detailing exactly what LG-skinned Android Lollipop looks like with its next UX update.

LG is even letting 4,000 people use the smartphone weeks before it even debuts. A lot of this sounds like LG quickly trying to get its phone out in the wild before all its potential customers just buy a Galaxy S6. But we won’t know whether that’s ultimately a good or bad decision until April 28.

Jeff Bezos’ space agency Blue Origin is almost ready for sub-orbital test flight. The private space race is happening. [Reuters]

Apps and Devices

  • Need to class up your drinking? Of course there’s an app for that. [TechCrunch]
  • Meet Countertop, a smart kitchen appliance that can recommend healthy meals based on your preference or by even tapping into your fitness wearable for a protein-based pick-me-up. [Orange Chef]
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video is finally available for Android tablets. What took so long? [Amazon]
  • Apple to Apple Watch customers: For the love of god, buy the watch online. [Business Insider]
  • HTC launches the One M9+ with a bigger/better display and a fingerprint sensor, but it’s also a China-only affair.
  • This experimental battery charges in one minute. Put it in my phone. Right now. [PC World]
  • Skype Translator just learned Italian and Chinese. The promise of worldwide babel fish is becoming reality. [Skype]


  • Google wants to get involved in the handyman business, much like Amazon’s own service that recently launched. And the “me too!” of tech companies continues. [Buzzfeed]

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