Lollipop Man Suspended for Holding up a Fire Engine for Kids to Cross Road

By Gary Cutlack on at

A lollipop man from Luton has been suspended for doing his job a bit too well, after he was reported for stopping a fire engine responding to a 999 call so that his kids could cross the road in front of it.

An eyewitness says it quickly turned heated, with the firefighters having to get out of their engine and physically remove the tireless lollipop man from the road, such was his dedication to fending off traffic so the children, those poor little children, could cross.

The problem seems to be that he attempted more than one crossing. The engine stopped initially to let a batch of kids cross, but then the safety attendant held up traffic again to let another group of children walk across the road -- enraging the firemen so much so that they leapt out and pulled him off the road.

Local resident Jacqui Brittain told the BBC: "He just continued to cross them. He came out into the middle of the road and was ushering them across the road. Four or five fireman got out of the vehicle and escorted him off the road."

The too-enthusiastic protector of the children of William Austin Junior School is currently suspended, pending the outcome of a Luton Borough Council inquiry into his actions. [BBC]

Image credit: Lollipop crossing from Shutterstock