London Commute is Crap, States No-Shit-Sherlock Survey

By Tom Pritchard on at

A major survey has determined that the commute faced by hundreds of thousands of Londoners is a horrible, stressful experience. In other news Apple products are expensive, and Bing is rubbish.

The survey questioned 5,500 commuters in London, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, and Paris, finding that London is pretty bloody bad for travelling. For starters, it suggests that Londoners are more likely to be late for work due to delays on their commute. Four out of five workers say that they are delayed at least once a month, with 47 per cent admitting that delays lead to them being late two or three times a month.

In fact, some people claimed that the worry and strain of their daily trip is on par with a breakdown of a relationship, and sometimes worse than the stress of the job itself. 93 per cent now allow for extra time on the commute because hold-ups are so frequent.

Commuters using different modes of travel, and people aged between 18 and 34 tend to suffer the most stress, and are more likely to leave for work early and arrive home late. 41 per cent said the commute is getting "increasingly stressful", second only to Rome, and 37 per cent claim that journeys are getting "increasingly unpredictable".

So basically, travelling in London sucks. Hard. But anyone who's ever been on London public transport during rush hour knew that anyway. [London Evening Standard]

Image Credit: Crowded Oxford Circus Station entrance via Shutterstock