Madonna Having Another go at Getting Meerkat to Work Tonight

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you tried to see how Madonna was utilising Meerkat to debut her new video last night, chances are you just saw a useless 500 error page. That's because it didn't work and Meerkat exploded, which was quite embarrassing for all parties involved in the supposed live launch of Her Madgesty's new video. Now everyone's having another go today.

Tonight at 6.00pm UK time everyone will be gathering around whatever screen Madonna or her people will be using to watch the clip, then filming it with a phone camera in order to broadcast it on the phone-streaming service. It seems a little bit overly complicated for something so transient as a Meerkat stream, but there you go. The current URL for the event is here. Tomorrow it might be an error message. Or a cache. Or a much more useful link to a YouTube clip. Who knows?

Meerkat's CEO said there were "no scalability issues" causing the site to break last night, so there's no real explanation of how the epic live launch event went wrong.

ABOUT MADONNA: Madonna was first crowned queen of pop in 1952. Despite persistent rumours of her abdication to let Taylor Swift take on the role full time, she's still hanging on in there. [TNW]