Man Decides to Try and Buy Kickstarter After Being Told He Can't Name Dogs

By Tom Pritchard on at

Kickstarter has been known for plenty of scams, absurdity, and abstract silliness, but this one is something else. Aaron Schlechter created his own campaign because he decided he wanted to name dogs for money, but it's evolved ever so slightly since its inception. He's now declared that if he manages to raise $1.2 billion in the next 25 days he'll buy out Kickstarter.

Or more specifically he wants to buy the crowdfunding site and amend the rules so that "only projects related to the naming of dogs will be allowed on this site." You see Kickstarter told him that he wasn't allowed to create a project that focussed on naming dogs, and told him that he should "focus on the book aspect". Apparently the folks at Kickstarter felt that naming dogs was admirable, but it didn't comply with the 15 pre-set project categories.

So now the campaign is officially trying to raise $3,700 to develop an e-book teaching people how to name dogs themselves. Unofficially Schlechter wants $1.2 billion so that he can make the aforementioned changes to Kickstarter's rules.

He also feels very strongly about owners who choose poor names for their dogs, and he wants to help the four-legged creatures out by naming them Donald. That'll cost you $1. If you dislike the name Donald you'll have to pay $2. More expensive goals include him naming your fish, a body part, your cat, your child, and sending you a t-shirt stating that you sent him $50.

I'm sure we all wish him the best of luck in his task, it's just a shame that someone already tried and failed to buy Kickstarter through Kickstarter back in 2012. Maybe Schlechter will have better success. [Kickstarter via Reddit]