March's Essential Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

March has been an incredibly big month. Not only did we get to see all the fascinating goodies on show at MWC and GDC, we saw the official launch of yet-to-be-released Apple Watch (and its extortionately priced eight-grand cousin), a tacky-looking golden Macbook, along with trailers for Mad Max, Spectre, and The Last of Us the new Arnie movie. Oh we're also one step closer to getting a spaceport, and we're never, ever, getting a sequel to Dredd *sobs*.

We also saw plenty of glorious apps. Plenty of great ones made it difficult to narrow the list down to four apiece this month, so let's take a look at them.

iOS Apps

Transistory: We've all had that conversation with someone we're trying to meet. "Where are you?" "Over by the green shrub, where are you?". Obviously it can be a hassle, so why not use the lovely GPS technology science has given us? Transistory lets you send a destructible email link to your friends with your exact GPS location. Even better, the recipient doesn't even need Transistory for the system to work. [Free]

Hotel My Phone: There are times when your phone runs out of battery before you're done using it. Hotel My Phone is a remarkable help in these situations because it lets you turn someone else's phone into your own, in a manner of speaking. Just make sure they have the app, and you can log into your account to use their phone to call and text as if it was your own. [Free]

HERE Maps: Looking for directions on your phone no longer means you have to settle for the services offered up by Google or (hah) Apple. Nokia's HERE maps is now available on the iPhone, bringing with it offline turn-by-turn directions, public transport routes, real-time traffic information and more. [Free]

Tether: You don't want to have to keep locking and unlocking your Mac whenever you have to leave it alone, so why not put your phone to good use? Tether will literally tether your phone to your Mac via Bluetooth, and when they leave proximity your computer will lock up. Return, and it'll unlock automatically. Simple, painless, and effective. [Free]

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Android Apps

Atari Fit: It was announced a while back, and it's actually here now. Atari Fit aims to give you an incentive to do some exercise, by rewarding you with points that you can spend on classic Atari games. Those games in turn allow you to unlock extra exercise routines. Exercise is important, but it can be hard to stay motivated, so this system could be a great help. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

drupe: There are so many different ways of getting in touch with people these days – too many in fact. It's especially annoying when you have different tools to talk to different people, so why not bundle them all together in one place? Drupe will keep all your contacts in one place, and lets you set your preferred method of communication which you can access with a swipe of the screen. [Free]

SMSmart: You can't always be online, and sometimes you have a phone data-limit to think about. You know what a lot of contracts come with these days? Unlimited texting. So why not have a system that lets you use your apps without needing any data? SMSmart does all that for you with a whole variety of apps, including data intensive things like mapping. [Free]

BitTorrent Sync: BitTorrent's alternative to cloud storage, which lets you sync files between devices without size limits and storage capacities. This new version includes a Pro version for businesses users, the option to select which devices you'll back-up to, and more details about your synced folders. [Free -- with optional subscription]

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Windows Phone Apps

Diorama: Tilt-shift is a great effect for taking photographs that make real-life imagery look incredibly similar to a model. Diorama is a handy app that lets you create such imagery on your phone with minimal fuss. No need to mess around with settings or image editing software. [Free]

Long Tweet: Sometimes 140 characters is not enough, and Long Tweet is there to make sure you can post your thoughts in their entirety. Just type out your long message and it'll be split up into multiple tweets, or it will tweet it as an image. [Free]

VLC for Windows Phone: VLC players do exist for Windows Phone, but none of them were official. That's no longer the case, and it makes Windows Phone the last major system to have an official release. No more worrying about filetype when trying to play a media on your phone. [Free]

Simplify: Sometimes you can't be dealing with going into menus and apps to perform basic tasks, so Simplify brings them to the homescreen an automates the process for you. So whether it's sending the usual "on the way home" text, emailing yourself reminders, or calling a particular person. [Free]

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