Marilyn Manson's New Album Was Released on PlayStation Discs

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it comes to music on physical media, which format is best? CDs, Vinyls, or... Playstation 1 Discs? Yes you heard that correctly, because it's just been discovered that Marilyn Manson's latest album, The Pale Emperor, was released on black polycarbonate discs first manufactured in 1994 for the original Playstation.

Despite the fact that the album has been out since mid-January, the difference has only just been noticed by Kill Screen. The music industry may be paying attention to the choice, because the discs are thicker, more durable, and apparently harder to illegally copy than regular CDs.

That sounds great for labels and musicians alike, but Manson apparently made the choice for aesthetic reasons. A thermal texture was added to the black discs which causes heat from spinning to turn them white, and as the discs cool down they return to the original black. The changing colour is supposed to help represent the themes of the album.

Will this stunt catch on though? I'm sure the whole 'harder to copy' thing has the music industry's attention, but as everyone who ever had a chipped Playstation will know, harder doesn't necessarily mean impossible. [Kill Screen via NME]

Featured Image: Performer Marilyn Manson entertains live in concert June 22, 2001 at Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO via Shutterstock