Maybe You'll Give a Shit About Politics if it's Done in Lego?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The suits at Bloomberg Business have let what remains of their hair down and had a bit of fun on work time, creating a Lego simulation of the complex current world of UK politics -- and forecasting how the political landscape may look after May's general election.

The clip they've created attempts to explain how the present coalition government works, while also outlining the options for the post-election situation in 2015, when the results are forecast to be closer and the likelihood of wider, multi-party coalitions is therefore greater.

But who cares about that? What we want to see is how they've spent a few hours down at the local Lego Store putting together awesome minifig representations of Farage, Clegg, Sturgeon and the rest of them. God know how they managed to create a believable Lego set of bagpipes for the Scottish person:

The upshot is that current polling suggests that both Cameron and Miliband could end up with 270 seats each, meaning a complex coalition involving at least two other parties may be needed -- unless Cameron forms a minority government.

Anyway, all we really wanted to say is that the Nigel Farage minifig was pretty good but that's not the right kind of hair for Nick Clegg. 7/10. [YouTube]