Microlenses Can Help Significantly Boost the Brightness of LED Bulbs

By Andrew Liszewski on at

A Taiwan-based company called Beampro Technology has come up with a clever way to boost the brightness of LED-based lights without increasing their power consumption, or over-driving the electronics which can reduce the life of the the components.

While most lights redirect and focus the glow of an LED using a reflector, Beampro has instead developed an innovative microlens system that narrows the focus of the light coming from an LED chip and vastly reduces how much it’s diffused. What that means is that more than 95 per cent of the light generated by an LED can be directed and focused on a given area. If you have seen an LED streetlight in the wild, you will know that they are incredibly bright to look at, but from atop a lamppost can lose their power by the time the light reaches the pavement; that is exactly what this innovation is trying to remedy.

The new microlens system isn’t ideal for all applications, though. When it comes to lighting a home, LED bulbs that diffuse light in all directions are still a better choice. But for torches or car headlights on a vehicle, Beampro’s new approach will help them direct more light onto the road ahead, or whatever the target may be. [Beampro Technology via Nikkei Technology]