More London Buses Getting Magical/Psychic Top-deck Seating Indicators

By Gary Cutlack on at

Transport for London has been testing a clever sort of automatic bottom counter on one of its bus routes, and using the data to populate a display with critical information about how many seats are free up on the top deck. The act of walking up stairs, then having to shamefully turn and walk back down again, could become a thing of the past.

The TfL trial has been operating on one lone bus on route 141, where it's been deemed such a success and an empowerment to travellers that it's going to hit an entire route. All buses on the 59 between Kings Cross St Pancras and Streatham Hill will now get the technology, which works by monitoring CCTV footage to count bums on seats and display a number on a screen at the bottom of the stairs.

TfL's Simon Reed said: "We want passengers to benefit from the most cutting edge technology - making their journeys easier and more comfortable. This project builds on a single vehicle trial conducted in 2014 and should provide a practical, clear benefit with clear information at the point of boarding."

Imagine, one day in the future, you'll be able to see how many seats are available on buses that are nowhere near you, through an app. Perhaps you could even remotely position a rucksack on an empty seat using some sort of drone. The possibilities are endless. [TfL]