New 12-inch MacBook Disassembled by Carefree Buyer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Photos taken by a user of a Chinese forum show the new 12-inch MacBook being welcomed into his home then completely taken to pieces, with the device's bare insides looking like someone's put a mobile phone chipset inside a laptop case for a laugh. Oh, hang on...

The pics, taken from a seemingly neverending and emoticon-packed thread posted at, show the box the new lightweight laptop arrives it, the machine's keyboard and external design, the attachments and everything it comes with, before the user boots it up and takes us through the OS then eventually takes it to pieces in perhaps the most comprehensive arrival-and-unboxing experience we've yet seen.

It's like actually owning one, only without the financial hardship.

It reveals an incredibly dense layout in there, with the internals making way for the massed terraces of layered batteries and only a relatively small motherboard attached to the base doing the important business of getting you on the internet.


Not content with just looking inside, the proud new owner then proceeds to completely take it apart, pulling off the ribbon connectors and undoing all the good work done by a poorly-paid worker in a Chinese factory several weeks beforehand, to examine Apple's tidy interior design work. [Feng via Apple Insider]