Sexy New T-Pylons Start Striding Their Power Out Across UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

The rolling fields of Nottinghamshire will soon be packed with niche power transmission enthusiasts, with the UK's small number of electricity pylon spotters about to get their first look at the new T-pylon that'll soon be a familiar sight across the country.

The T-pylon is a radical departure from the grey lattice robots of old. They have more in common with wind turbines in terms of overall design, coming with one smooth central T-shaped column that forms the unit's "shoulders" if you will -- shoulders it uses to carry the burden of two massive diamond-shaped hangers that are used to channel the power cables.

The first of the new rural robots are being installed at the National Grid's academy in Eakring, where six will begin striding out into the real world carrying their deadly 400,000 volt cargo. National Grid's David Wright explained: "The T-pylon is not a replacement for the steel lattice pylon but it's a new option and in some landscapes its shorter height and sleeker appearance can offer real advantages."

And it's nice to see it finally being made. The T-pylon won a pylon-of-the-future competition way back in 2011, when we erroneously suggested it would never be built. [BBC]