Nigel Farage Elected to Power in Fortuitously Fake Judge Dredd Universe

By Gary Cutlack on at

Common pint-holding man of the (small minority of) people Nigel Farage is set to be made a mockery of in comic form, thanks to the makers of the Judge Dredd comic 2000AD creating a character designed to look and sound like the wannabe political powerbroker.

Farage will be immortalised in print under the thinly masked character of Bilious Barrage, in a plot that would appear to be hinged around the unpleasant character of Barrage sweeping to power in elections for the role of mayor in Dredd's home town Mega-City One. A small hint of the storyline has been revealed by the publisher, with the makers saying that this particular Dredd story takes place: "...when a series of terrorist attacks stoke up anti-immigrant tensions."

Even the title of the story seems to be mildly mocking the Ukip man's policies and general approach to politics, with the edition said to be titled Judge Dredd: People Like Us. So Barrage is likely to be elected in as mayor by small-minded folk who have been told to distrust outsiders by a man who enjoys trading on ill-feeling to leverage himself into a position of importance. How entirely unbelievable. [Judge Dredd via The Mirror]