O2's WiFi Extra Will Push You to Public Hotspots When Its Network Needs a Rest

By Gerald Lynch on at

Public hotspots: the saviour of lunchtime Netflix streams around the land. It may be 2015, but getting a reliable mobile data connection can still be problematic, whilst finding a speedy 4G connection is even more rare. It's something that O2 seems to have noted, announcing the launch of O2 WiFi Extra for its customers.

Essentially, O2 WiFi Extra will let anyone on an O2 SIM easily connect to one of the network's public WiFi hotspots in the event that "the WiFi signal is stronger than O2's 3G or 4G network." You won't need to trawl network settings or hunt down a verification code, it'll just switch networks automatically. In fact, the only way to opt out seems to be to disable WiFi entirely.

Phones confirmed to work with the service include the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4, while the hotspots themselves are available at 11,000 locations, including inside McDonald's slop stores and the Costa Coffee chain. Expect to see the service roll out to all O2 customers within the next two months.

It's not a bad perk, with extras increasingly important to networks in order to secure customers. EE today announced it'd be offering a free battery pack to all its users, Three recently expanded its top-notch Feel at Home Roaming deal, while last month EE also revealed its Orange Wednesdays replacement, the EE Film Club. [O2]